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Belt sanding machines   



Stroke sander - rigid cast iron construction


Technical data


Machine base

heavy cast iron construction

Depth of throat

right side 1000 x 320 mm

Driving motor

4 kW, 3 x 400 V 50 Hz

Diameter of belt roller

300 mm

Speed of sanding belt

22 m/ sec

Table dimension

2500 x 1000 mm

Table stroke

320 mm

Sanding pad standard

330 x 145 mm

Dimension of sanding belt

6800 x 150 mm

Exhaust connection

left side, diameter 180 mm

Machine dimensions

approx. 3800 x 1600 x 1500 mm


approx. 1000 kg

Additional equipment / Options for BSM II cast iron

Table length

until 3000 mm

Table length

until 5000 mm – including a stronger motor

Stronger table

table capacity over 100 kg

Table depth

until 1300 mm

Electrical adjustment
of table

stroke approx. 320 mm, by motor gear with push-button, stop control, up and down.

belt tension

adjustment by air-cylinder, including maintenance unit

Belt cleaning

Pneumatic device for cleaning and cooling

Lightening device

1 pc. neon tube with switch
2 pcs. neon tubes for table length 3000 mm

Pneumatic sanding device

Long/ cross sanding automatic with belt draw brake, including pneumatically added pad: 600 x 145 mm

Removable grate

to be placed on cases, drawers etc. approx. 900 x 700 mm or 900 x 550 mm

Vacuum clamping device

vacuum pump, battery, 6 pcs. variable suction plates

Vacuum mesh-table

with boundary suction plates
(additional price to vacuum clamping device)

Lift and turn plate

Pneumatic lift and turn plate of workpieces

Current connection

Cable 5 m with CEE-plug 16 A

Motor 3,3/4,8 kW

Speed of sanding belt: approx. 11 and 22 m/ sec

Driving motor 4 kW variable speed

with frequency inverter approx. 5–25 m/ sec: lacquer, wood, plastic, metal


60 Hz CSA electric etc.

Dust exhaust

connection left side, straight

Dust exhaust

connection both sides, straight

Dust exhaust

connection left side up to

Sanding pads

Normal sanding pad       330 x 145 mm
Large sanding pad        600 x 145 mm
Two-sided sanding pad  330 x 145 mm

Gummed roller for metal working
diameter 50 mm

Roller only, mounted on sanding-lever or included graphite belt

Table clamp

to fix the sanding table for move it cross

3rd by-pass-roller

on top of the machine for best view to workpiece