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Since more than 50 years our family owned company located in Aurolzmuenster (Upper Austria) produces machinery which is practise oriented and flexible in use. Core applications are sanding as well as glue spreading machines for different industries likewise the timber, the plastic and the metal industry.
Further we offer made-to-measure solutions in special machine building starting from stand alone equipment up to complex production lines for e.g. the sports goods production, timber industry, furniture industry, composite part building manufacturing, stainless steel processing, steel mill equipment etc.

Waltraud Wallner-Höfer
GF, Standardmaschinen
Tel. +43- (0)7752/ 827 88-0
  Fax.+43- (0)7752/ 827 88-85

Ing. Willi Wallner
Tech.Leitung, Sondermaschinen
Tel. +43- (0)7752/ 827 88-0
  Fax.+43- (0)7752/ 827 88-85