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Belt sanding machines   



Stroke sander - smart steel plate construction


Technical data


Machine base

steel construction

Depth of throat

right side 900 x 320 mm ( BSM III r)
500 x 300 mm (BSM III)

Driving motor

3 kW, 3 x 400 V 50 Hz

Diameter of belt roller

150 mm

Speed of sanding belt

22 m/ sec

Table dimension

2500 x 800 mm

Table stroke

300 mm

Sanding pad standard

330 x 145 mm

Dimension of sanding belt

6800 x 150 mm

Exhaust connection

left side diameter 160 mm

Machine dimensions

approx. 3500 x 1600 / 1400 x 1500 mm


approx. 600 / 500 kg

Additional equipment / Options for BSM II steel

Electrical adjustment of table

stroke approx. 320 mm, by motor gear with push-button, stop control, up and down.

Belt cleaning

Pneumatic device for cleaning and cooling

Current connection

Cable 5 m with CEE-plug 16 A

Motor 2,6/3,1 kW

Speed of sanding belt: approx. 11 and 22 m/ sec

Driving motor 3 kW variable speed

with frequency inverter approx. 5–25 m/sec

Dust exhaust

connection left side, straight

Dust exhaust

connection both sides, straight

Dust exhaust

connection left side up to

Sanding pads

Normal sanding pad       330 x 145 mm
Two-sided sanding pad  330 x 145 mm